Lead edge feeding fully automatic die cutting machine

Lead edge feeding (fully stripping) die cutting machine YC1650QX


  • The front edge feeding part of full automatic die-cutting indentation machine adopts high precision gearbox, which has the advantages of fast working speed, long service life, safety and reliability. At the same time, the cam-type paper feeding platform and special paper feeding rubber wheel and air suction fine-tuning device can meet the requirements of paper feeding from F to five layers of corrugated paper with different thickness, effectively prevent and reduce the damage of paper printing surface, and ensure the smooth delivery of heavy warped cardboard and the accurate placement of cardboard. Strong adaptability and wide range of work.
    On the basis of semi-clean waste, the waste edge on the teeth row is removed, and the whole process is completed in the paper-collecting part through the process of conveying the waste edge belt to the outside of the machine. The paper collecting department is equipped with automatic and uninterrupted paper collecting device and automatic counting of actual die-cut cardboard.


  1. 项目 Item 参数 Specification
    最大输纸尺寸Max. paper size 1650mm*1210mm/64.96in*47.64in
    最小输纸尺寸Min. paper size 650mm*500mm/25.59in*19.69in
    最大模切尺寸Max.die cutting size 1620mm*1190mm/63.78in*46.85in
    可加工纸张厚度Paper available size 瓦楞纸板 corrugated board 1-9mm
    最大模切压力Max. die cutting pressure 300t
    压力调整范围 Range of pressure adjustment ±1.5mm/0.059in
    模切刀高度 Cutting rule height 23.8mm/0.94in
    模切精度Die cutting precision ≤±0.5mm/0.02in
    模切速度Speed 4500S/H
    最小废边尺寸 Min. Front margin 10mm/0.39in
    总功率Rated power 20.5KW
    电压Voltage 380V±5% 50Hz

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