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Application Characteristics of Semi-automatic Flat Die Cutting Machine

Release date: 2014-06-14 browsing times: 128
Semi-automatic die-cutting machine mainly concentrates on processing some printed corrugated cartons, which are processed by secondary positioning wheel die-cutting, waste removal, slicing, finished product winding and so on. It is suitable for label products with single specification, large batch and repeated orders. Today, we mainly introduce the characteristics of semi-automatic flat die cutting machine.

1. Super high die-cutting accuracy and production efficiency: Semi-automatic flat die-cutting machine adopts advanced servo motor shaftless drive alignment technology, which ensures the stability of precision and alignment, shortens the pre-alignment time, and the precision of secondary alignment can reach (+0.15 mm). The import process is controlled by rectifying deviation, which ensures the accuracy of transverse die cutting and cutting, improves the yield of finished products, and the maximum speed of production line is 120 m/min. It is an ideal choice for improving productivity and reducing production and operation costs of label products after printing die cutting.
2. Stable operation efficiency: Imported floating roll closed-loop tension device is used to effectively control the constant tension during unwinding process. The servo motor of paper feeding and die cutting mechanism is shaft-less drive, which avoids wear, vibration and noise of mechanical transmission components. It not only runs stably, but also has high synchronization accuracy. All winding is driven by servo motor independently, so the sensitivity and control accuracy of winding tension are enhanced.
3. Advanced die-cutting device design: can quickly change knives, plate production, effectively shorten the installation time of knife rollers. Based on the design of ergonomics, the operation of equipment becomes simple and convenient, so that efficient operation and optimal safety can be achieved.