POST MODE STACKING ROBOT (to be in a line with carton bundling machine)


  • 1  系统自主研发, 适应性强, 升级方便。
       System developed by us own, is well-adapted, and easily-upgraded.
    2  机器人控制原理,节省人力, 方便管理。操作和调试,简单快捷。
       Robot control theory, less worker required, easy to manage. Simple and quick to operate and adjust.
    3  全伺服闭环控制, 定位准确, 动作协调, 抓取精准。抓手可更换, 以适应不同设备的收料后处理。
       All-line Servo closed-loop control, locate accurately, act harmoniously, grab exactly. Gripper equipment is available to replace so as to fit for various delivery mode by different machines.
    4  整体结构简洁, 占用空间少, 与其它设备配套方便, 移机也方便。
       Entire structure is simple and compact, less land occupation, easy to layout and work with other machinery,  also easy to remove.
    5  采用高精减速机, 稳定性好, 使用寿命长, 负载大, 工作效率高。
       Adopt high-precision reducer, good stability and long life. Big load capability, high efficiency.
    6  一机多用,可多个栈板或多线同时码垛。
       One robot can work / stack for multiple pallets, or multiple production lines.
    7  满足纸板 纸箱 塑料桶 铁桶 编织袋 塑料筐等相关产品的码垛需求。
       Cater for various stacking requirements by paper board, carton, plastic bucket, iron bucket, PP woven bag, plastic basket.
    8  码垛高度可以订制。 Available to customize it in stack height.
    9  维护费用低,2年更换一次润滑油。
    Less maintenance is required. It is required to replace lubricants once every two years.
    设备配置 Electrical Equipment Brand List:
    序号 Serial No. 名称  Specs 品牌 Brand
    1 控制器PLC 禾川 HCFA
    2 伺服电机 Servo Motor 禾川 HCFA
    3 减速机 Reducer 秦川 QINCHUAN (QCMT&T)
    4 触摸屏 Touch Screen 禾川 HCFA
    5 控制系统 Control System 智新码垛系统 Zhixin Group
    6 低压电器
    Low-Voltage Electrical Apparatus
    正泰 CHINT
    7 继电器 Relay 日本和泉 IDEC (JAPAN)
    8 开关电源 Switching Power Supply 台湾明纬 MEAN WELL (TAIWAN)


  1. 规格型号Model No. ZX-1600H ZX-1800H
    运动节拍 Max. Speed 4 times/minute(次/分钟) 4 times/minute(次/分钟)
    最大抓取负载Max. Load (kg)
    (含夹具Clamper included)
    150 150
    最大抓取厚度Max. Load (mm) 300 300
    码垛高度Stack Height (mm) 1600 1800
    外形尺寸Dimension (mm) H3200*R2000 H3400*R2000
    电源Power Supply 380V50Hz3P 380V50Hz3P
    功率 Power (kw) 6.5 6.5
    空气消耗Air Pressure (kg/cm2) 5 5

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